His ass in in a sling

26 Apr
A report from ABC News:SCOTIA, N.Y. April 25 — A 17-year-old goldfish can swim again thanks to a bunch of do-gooding humans. Customers at the Sky Port diner near Schenectady came up with the idea of a creating a fish sling after Dick the goldfish fell ill in November and had difficulty swimming. Patty Sherman, who owns the diner with her two sisters, Joanna Dewey and Mary Ann Parker, said Dick could barely move across the bottom of his fish tank located behind the counter. A customer whose daughter is studying to be a veterinarian had his daughter research fish ailments. She reported back that Dick was likely suffering from swim bladder disease and prescribed a diet of cooked peas to be hand fed to Dick three times a day, Sherman said. To remedy Dick's swimming problem, several customers devised a sling made up of fishing bobbers, drinking straws, gauze and string. When the 8-inch-long fish is placed in the sling, he's able to swim like normal. Sherman said customers find it relaxing to sit at the counter and watch Dick in his tank. "Everybody's rooting for him," she said Tuesday. "He's the topic of conversation at the Sky Port." Cool!

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