No wonder her poll numbers are so low

26 Apr
Apparently there are some wacky Libertarians who are trying to get a bunch of other wacky Libertarians to move to the same sparsely populated state so the can create a Libertarian utopia. It just so happens that one of the ten candidate states is my home state of Montana. From the story:Chuck Butler, a spokesman for Montana Gov. Judy Martz, said Montana is a huge state that welcomes newcomers. But he encouraged the Free Staters to take a closer look at Idaho. "Idaho is more inviting," Butler said. Martz has really low poll numbers (like the high teens on a good day). Part of it is her helping an aide cover up his involvement in the negligent death of the House majority leader and her total inability to do anything about the economy, which sucks, but actually telling people that Idaho is more inviting. I mean really. Oregon or Washington, maybe, but Idaho? Good thing he didn't say North Dakota, or we'd be trying her for war crimes.

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