“Afghans on the edge of chaos despite U.S. efforts”

11 Aug
The United States' first battle in the "war" on terror was our invasion of Afghanistan, the home of the Taliban and a staging point for Al Qeada. Now we are on the verge of having to refight a war most of us have already forgotten about. With the cost of the occupation of Iraq costing more then a billion dollars per day, this recent story in the LA Times is a startling reminder of just how poorly the Bush administration is doing in the "war." Proposing just a billion dollars to Afghanistan for the entire year, not forgetting that Congress had to add the current funding of $300 million to the budget when the White House forgot about it, will do little to stop terrorists from regrouping and using Afghanistan as a base of operations while Iraq, which the evidences still shows was NO threat to us, gets our full attention and our dollars. Read the full story here.

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