Stupid People

30 Aug
People are stupid. Take for example McDonald's customer Lula Brown, who just wanted a side of barbecue sauce. When she was informed she had to pay extra, she promptly called 911 on her cell phone. "I spent almost $10 on food and I wanted some sauce," Brown says. "I was told I would have to pay extra for sauce. It's not a store policy. It's not in writing and I don't feel I should pay extra for any sauce unless it is store policy and they show it to me." Or perhaps you'd prefer the Kent, Washington women who took offense Tuesday when another customer looked past her to ask a store employee when a new batch of Zingers snack cakes were going to be put on the shelf. After the women, who police described as "rather large," said "Don't you talk around me,'' she began hitting the Zingers customer. She also threw Twinkies at a manager who tried to intervene and assaulted police officers who suffered minor injuries before arresting her. There is of course also the mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Gwendolyn Faison, who has been driving a stolen car since January or the Italian police officers (Scroll Down) who arrested Marilyn Manson after Accusing him of ripping off his own penis and throwing it into crowd. Yes People are stupid. 'Nuff said.

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