That’s what you get for naming your dog Baby!

21 Oct

A shooting in Athol (Idaho) this week has left a woman with serious leg injuries. However, the victim is not angry with the shooter at all. In fact, both are living in the same house.

It started when Cindy Whitaker heard some sort of ruckus in her backyard – she feared it may be a bobcat or other animal who was trying to harm her pets. So Cindy, who is wheelchair bound, wheeled outside with a pistol. She went to check on her husband's dog, Baby, because she heard some odd noises coming from Baby's doghouse. When she opened the door, baby [sic] came rushing out, knocking the gun and Cindy to the ground – Baby then accidentally stepped on the gun and the gun went off.

The bullet is still lodged in Cindy's leg, however, doctor's are hopeful for Cindy's full recovery. As for baby [sic], Cindy and her husband say they hold no ill well towards the animal who was just being a dog. The Whitakers say their accident is a good reminder to gun owners that safety locks on weapons can come undone if a weapon is dropped.

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