What to do with Cheney?

6 Feb

As the investigation of the Plume affair gets closer to Cheney, the question of his place on the ticket in November comes up. Some are suggesting that this only makes it more likely that Cheney will be replaced, which is bad. Why? Because we get a better VP like Condi or the big fear of Dems everywhere, Rudy. Condi on the ticket would be pose no serious dangers to the Democrats in November. She suffers from the same "taints" as Cheney without the criminal relevance offered by the Plume affair and she isn't going to cause a huge exodus of black voters to the GOP. Rudi would be a dangerous person to bring onto the ticket, but August has a much better take on the issue. Cheney is Bush as much as Karl Rove is. Without him, you are chopping off the head of the beast and that is usually fatal. Further, Rudi is a politician who could upstage the President who does not have the conservative credentials that the party elite want in the person who would become the clear party frontrunner for 2008 if Bush won a second term. We all need to stop sweating about it since there is no one who can replace Cheney who is not at least as big a liability as he was pre-Plume. Plus, your VP leaving the ticket because of possible ethics problems is going to hurt the President's image no matter who is picked as the new VP.

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