Powell’s Nerves

7 Feb

In light of the intelligence failures in the build-up to war in Iraq and his now infamous speech to the UN Security Council that sought to justify the war, Secretary of State Colin Powell recently made surprising
to the AP.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Secretary of State Colin Powell said "no apologies" were needed for intelligence used to justify the Iraq war but U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned that the questionable U.S. weapons data could jeopardize future similar actions.

Annan and Powell spoke to reporters on the sidelines of a U.N. conference on Friday that pledged $520 million to finance reconstruction in Liberia (news – web sites), $200 million from Washington.

"The bar has been raised," Annan said. "People are going to be very suspicious when one talks to them about intelligence. And they are going to be very suspicious when we try to use intelligence to justify certain actions." …

"I don't think any apologies are necessary," he said when asked about the quality of intelligence used during his unsuccessful attempt to persuade council members of the need to invade Iraq …

Powell later accused critics of politicizing the U.S. failure to find weapons of mass destruction said it is getting on his nerves.

"Yeah, it does get on your nerves when you see people trying to use this for straightforward political purposes," Powell told Fox television.

Do the lies get on the nerves of the 600 dead American soldiers and there families? What about those of our allies? The Iraqi people? Is the Bush administration so arrogant that even Collin Powell, the only one in the administration that I thought had even a small amount of credibility, cannot admit that he made a mistake about Iraq's WMD. I don't expect any of the Bushies to say they are sorry for the war, it is too late for such a thing. Nevertheless, why can't they admit the WMD don't exist?

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