Lesson One: Buy namebrand and blame the victim

9 Feb

I am pretty good about shifting blame, just ask Samantha, but this this guy takes the cake:

A TEENAGER nicked his father’s credit card — and blew £12,000 in a FOUR-DAY splurge.

Tom Smith, 17, swiped it from a wallet while dad John was out jogging.

Then he legged it from his London home with the NatWest Mastercard and jetted from Stansted to Rome.

And after blowing a fortune on designer gear by forging his dad’s signature, he whined: “If Dad had got me these things in the first place I wouldn’t have had to steal his card.”
Tom spent his first night in the Italian capital slumming it at a three-star hotel.

Next day, he swaggered into VERSACE and spent £800 on trainers and silk trousers.

At GUCCI, staff demanded to see his passport. So Tom left — and blew £1,800 at nearby DOLCE & GABBANA on trainers, jeans, a T-shirt and underwear.

He paid £800 at PRADA for boots and trousers.

Tom returned to VERSACE and spent £1,100 on jewellery, belts, shoes and a T-shirt.

Later he checked into the five-star, £340-a-night Hassler Roma hotel. He bragged: “My guidebook called it a favourite with A-list Hollywood stars.”

Then Tom blew £1,632 on a Louis VUITTON suitcase.

He said: “I needed something to put my clothes in.” He moved on to ARMANI and spent £163 on shades.

Tom — taking a year off from school before A-levels — rang home to say he was safe.

Next morning he spent £300 on a limo to show him Rome’s sights before heading home.

He booked another limo at Gatwick, picked up three pals in London, then travelled to Brighton — where they took two £250-a-night rooms at the four-star Thistle Hotel.

Next day Tom picked up an £860 Sony video camera. The same limo gave them a champagne ride home.

The card hit its limit on the way. But limo bosses, who had already taken £1,983, waived charges for the final half-hour.

Tom returned to face parents John and Megan, both 49, at their £1million house in Victoria Park on January 30.

John, a £100,000-a-year investment banker, branded his son “a little s**t.”

Man, what would you brand your son if he did this? Maybe a "Flying W" or something?

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