Bran Flakes

27 Feb

You've been waiting for it all week and now its here: CAT FRIDAY!!!!

Lolli and Gabe have fallen in love. Well, maybe not, but they have decided that licking each other is a good thing for at least two reasons. First, it makes Sam gush over how cute they are. Second, it is an effective ploy for getting their paws wrapped around one another so they can start kicking each other in the head. Lolli has the biggest cat tongue in the world as a result of all her licking. This makes it very disconcerting when you look over see a giant pink tongue licking the top of Gabe's head and then all of a sudden Lolli is laying on top of him beating the heck out of him. Talk about a lover's spat!

Gabe might be getting sick again, which is very distressing. I hope that he doesn't have some long term health problem. Because of my experience with Athena, I get worried that we missing some sign that he needs immediate medical attention and are therefore bad cat parents.

This week's photo: Keepng Regular

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