Little Fear of Mass Migration in Enlarged EU

1 Mar

The BBC reports:

A study by the European Commission shows that only 1% of the working population of the 10 countries set to join the European Union would be likely to migrate to existing EU states, even if they enjoyed full freedom of movement.

In the interest of full disclosure, however, the article's main point isn't to reduce fear in Western Europe over immigration but to point out the danger to Central and Eastern Europe of the migration that is likely to occur:

"Far from a wave of immigration that puts a burden on the current member states' welfare system, the problem that free movement of workers is going to cause is a brain drain and a youth drain in the accession countries," says European Commission spokeswoman Antonia Mochan.

Now if the copy editors had been on the ball the latter paragraph would have been closer to the top instead of half-way down the article. Oh well, still good news in the long run.

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