The robots are coming

5 Mar

Earlier today I wrote about the plans of robots to conquer Japan. Now comes world of a declaration there last month that we should Adopt a robot to make it feel loved.

Robots may have an easier time fitting into society if public organisations adopted them, according to a declaration made recently at an international robot conference in Japan.

The World Robot Declaration, which was released at the International Robot Fair in Fukuoka last week, urged adoption as a way of integrating humanoid robots into society.

The declaration saw a future where robots coexisted with humans in everyday life, rather than being confined to the realms of science fiction.

I think it is clear that robots have not only taken over the New York Times, but they are also in control in Japan. It is too late. Soon they will start eating pizza and become lazy, decadent overlords. That will be our time to strike back. Whose with me?

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