Cat Blogging

7 Mar

A variety of things intervened to prevent me from cat blogging yesterday. However, we'll just pretend that today is Friday and that it didn't happen.

Lolli continues to very annoying. I love her dearly, but no matter how much I try to wear her out she continues to demand more and more attention. It really wears on my nerves. I bought her a leash to see if I can walk her outside, but Sam doesn't think it will work. She got out of the leash the first time I tried it (inside), so it may actually be difficult.

Gabe doesn't seem to have gotten any sicker, which is good because he has used up all his sick days. We've been getting some good quality time together when I get home from school. I think part of Lolli's problem is that she is jealous of all the attention I give to Gabe (which is in reality about a quarter of the time I spend with her to begin with). When ever I pet him, she has to get up all in my face and try to push him out of the way. Nevertheless, the two of them continue to be on friendly terms.

Today's Photo: Couch Potatoes

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