Outsourcing crowds?

12 Mar

President Bush's speeches are always carefully managed so protesters and Democrats are no where to be seen. For example, he has held events in hangers on military bases where he is naturally surrounded by enthusiastic crowds. The Secret Service also designates free speech areas for protesters that are off the main motorcade route and equally our of view of the television cameras. But
might just be taking it too a new level:

Security people kept reporters from interviewing the workers at U.S.A. until the president was on the way to his next stop.

But when workers were finally interviewed — these people who made up the bulk of the president's cheering audience in New York — Bush's performance turned out to be, if anything, even more impressive.

"No speak English," said the first worker, smiling apologetically.

"No speak English," said the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth workers way-laid in the crowd.

But you think the tax cuts should be made permanent, as he says?

"Sorry, no English," said another.

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