Evil shouldn’t look this good

13 Mar

Gabe got a little fresh this week by sleeping under the bed sheets with Samantha. When that wasn't good enough for him he slept on her pillow and bite her head and hair while she slept. He probably would have left her alone, but I slipped him fifty bucks before bed and told him to go wild. Unfortunately, he felt that I was a but too corrupt for him and he refused to lie next to me. Curse you and your high cat ethics, Gabe.

Lolli continues to be cute and annoying. She's developed the rare but instantly endearing trait of sleeping with her tongue sticking out. Sam says, "She's so bizarre." Sam also says, "It's like killing a little butler." (That's another story). Lolli suffers from a mental illness that is similar to my own depression. She is in constant need of validation. I keep telling her that I don't validate parking, but she won't take no for an answer. Without constant attention, she gets very agitated and starts constantly meowing for attention. It really does become annoying after just a short time. I've had to lock her in the bathroom several times, not this week though, because I just couldn't take the noise. I imagine Sam would like to lock me in the bathroom occasionally when I get all "validate me"-like Lolli. I guess that is why Lolli has decided that I am her favorite person in the entire world. We both need validation. I just wish she wasn't so annoying about it.

This week's photo: Let Sleeping Lolli Lie

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