Left behind?

27 Mar

Something that always bothers me about the popular coverage of globalization and European integration and their ilk, is the idea that certain people are disadvantaged. For example, in the US, it is blue collar workers who lose their jobs to cheaper factory workers in Mexico. Opponents of globalization, etc always use this as their primary argument against it. However, at what point do you stop doing anything because someone might be disadvantaged? The biggest problem with integration or globalization isn't that people are disadvantaged by it, rather it is the fact that we don't do enough to protect people from the short-term discomforts that it causes. For me that means that the sad part of this story about Polish farmers in the expanded EU isn't that they are losing their way of life, but that the EU isn't fixing their horrendous farm subsidies program to address their needs (let alone those of 3rd world farmers).

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