Live-action Garfield

2 Apr

Any headline that reads Grumpy cat survives wild car-top ride will get me to blog the story:

A grumpy house cat was the toast of New Zealand traffic authorities after it survived a hairy ride through a city clinging to the roof of a car, with the driver unaware of the drama.

John Sutton of Tauranga, southeast of Auckland, thought he had chased his seven-kilogram grey Persian, called Bono, from his car before he set off for work this week, the New Zealand Herald reported.

After travelling three blocks at 50 kilometres an hour along a busy city street, he had to slow down.

Something fluffy slid down the windscreen and gripped the wiper blades.

"It gave me a hell of a fright," Mr Sutton said.

"Then I realised it was Bono and he was bloody petrified."

Police Constable Tim Shields was on patrol when he saw the car coming toward him.

"The expression on that cat's face was hilarious," Constable Shields said.

"It was wide-eyed and obviously knew the consequences if it let go."

The cat was returned home inside the car.

Why is the torment of cats feel so rewarding? If the cat had died, it would have been tragic and I wouldn't have found it funny. But since the cat survived, it is the best story of the day. I wonder if Gabe and Lolli could hold on to the top of the Geo? Here kitty, kitty!

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