Cat got your tongue?

3 Apr

Cat blogging is hard work. I mean how do you share the joys of cat ownership in a weekly diatribe? Lolli is annoying. Gabe is my favorite. Not much else to say. Except I guess that Sam likes them both. She is totally going to be the parent who swears up and down she doesn't have a favorite child. We all know that she will, but she'll insist that they are all the same in her mind. Wait, I know how she'll get around it: she'll just have one kid. She's so clever that sweetie of mine. But enough about that, what about the cats you ask.

Well, Gabe and I were bonding last night. He curled up in my arms and we slept until I apparently had a freak-out and he left me for the end of the bed. Just like last week Lolli came in and decided that 4:00am we a good time for naked jello wrestling without the jello or the full cat nudity (they were wearing collars after all). Sam kicked them both out, but later admitted she felt guilty about it because Gabe wasn't doing anything. I was all like, what am I your confessor? Then I was like I agree you shouldn't do that. I think it is just more evidence of how my Gabe favoritism makes me morally superior.

Right now the cats have the crazies. Lolli has been smacking a bag around and Gabe has been trying to pull the blinds down. Lolli likes to tell us the play-by-play, while Gabe is content to do his thing. Sam has responded by calling Lolli a big rat that needs to shave. That is a very rude thing to say to a cat. Lolli responded to the response by chasing her tail until she ran into me. Now she is chewing the tail. She also just clawed me. Ouch. Bad Kitty. Again the Gabe favoritism makes me morally superior. Now Sam is saying that I'm misrepresenting her conversation with Lolli. I'm all like, what you talk to cats now? She told me that she just makes out with them. Well, that is a bit kinky isn't it. I guess I will just have to use the incriminating photos to win this argument.

This week's photo: Eeeeeeeeeew!

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