It’s called speeding

5 Apr

ARe you smarter then the New York Times? If you can answer this question posed in a parenthetical comment by the reporter in Supreme Court to Rule on Drug Dogs in Traffic Stops then you might be:

The Illinois justices said the fact that the aroma of air-freshener was obvious in the defendant's car and his apparent nervousness even after being told he was being given only a warning for speeding could account for "nothing more than a vague hunch" on the part of the troopers, not a sufficient basis to let the dog sniff. (One fact not explained in any of the legal paperwork is why Mr. Caballes was pulled over in the first place, since he was going a mere 6 m.p.h. over the limit.)

If you're speeding, you're speeding. Man, the liberal press is so permissive. I really hate people who break the law and then are like well everybody else speeds so why don't I. The idea that we can all go eight miles over the speed limit is retarded. If the cops want to pull you over, they can. They probably won't, but it still doesn't give us all license to drive like jackasses.

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