Monkey chicks are smarter

19 Apr

Young female chimps upstage males

It would seem young female chimpanzees take their studies a little more seriously than their male classmates, a study in the journal Nature has shown.

Females learn from their mothers how to gather termites much faster than males – who prefer to spend more of their time playing, US scientists say.

Elizabeth Lonsdorf and colleagues conducted their research on wild chimps in Tanzania's Gombe National Park.

They say the gender differences are similar to those seen in young humans.

Girls and boys pick up fine motor skills such as writing at different rates, and the team suggests its research could therefore indicate that sex-based learning differences may have an ancient origin.

Educationalists trying to develop learning strategies for children could find the work instructive, the scientists believe.

"This finding is a heads-up to researchers studying the learning of relatively complex skills that they should take sex into account," said Dr Lonsdorf, the director of field conservation at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

So women evolved smarter then men. Figures.

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