Robot Psyops

11 May

The New York Times misses the point entirely:

The truth is out there about Mini Cooper car parts being used to build humanlike robots. But do you really believe everything you read?

The mischievous folks at Crispin Porter & Bogusky in Miami certainly hope so. They have concocted an elaborate advertising campaign disguised as a debate over whether a British engineer has built robots out of Mini car parts – or not.

The advertising, presented as a debate reminiscent of "The X-Files" or "The Blair Witch Project," has been quietly under way since early March. It extends across five Web sites, postings in chat rooms and booklets inserted in magazines like Motor Trend, National Geographic Adventure and Rolling Stone. The 40-page booklets pretend to be excerpts from a book, "Men of Metal: Eyewitness Accounts of Humanoid Robots," from a fake London publisher specializing in conspiracy-theory literature covering the likes of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and U.F.O.'s.

None of the elements of the stealthy campaign – with a budget that is, not surprisingly, not being disclosed – are identified as advertising for the sponsor, the Mini Cooper car brand or as the creations of Crispin Porter. The agency and its client have remained mum about their roles, even in the face of mounting inquiries as to whether the tall tale of the robots is true or false.

"Most people seem to want to believe," said Alex Bogusky, partner and executive creative director at Crispin Porter, to the point that when some skeptical consumers asserted it was advertising, "others said, 'They're saying it's marketing to cover up it's real.' "

This is clearly a robot controlled advertising agency using psyops on the human population to misdirect us. They're discrediting the idea of a Mini Cooper robot so that any credible sighting will be ignored. Robots are wily.

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