Schroedinger’s Cats redux

15 May

The big excitement for the cats has to be the growing number of boxes. With the wedding fast approaching, the wedding presents are starting to roll in. This means boxes and the cats really do enjoy the boxes. Lolli spent several minutes Wednesday chasing her tail in one of the boxes, which is just the right size for a Lolli sized cat to chase her tail in. Gabe used on this afternoon to confuse Lolli (don't need a box, but it helps) by laying down under the flaps so she couldn't see him. It confused the hell out of her since she knew he was in there but she couldn't see him. She even got into the box, but it was a short box and she didn't put her head below the two closed flaps. I think Gabe purposefully uses boxes (and bed sheets) to hide from his nemesis.

The cats also met the pet sitters who will be taking care of them while we are in Idaho (and Florida). They are very nice people and the cats seem to like them. Lolli even licked one of them, which I think freaked her our (the pet sitter, not Lolli). She wasn't used to a cat that licks for the pure pleasure of the licking itself.

This week's photos: Smile and Dangling Participle

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