Where’s Eric

28 May

I'm travelling. Why? Samantha made me. Well, that is the short story. Actually, I am presently in Storm Lake, Iowa using the internet at the public library. Samantha is attending a conference at Buena Vista Univesity. It is going to last a long time (six hours) during which I have to find ways to entertain myself. I really didn't want to drive around western Iowa by myself. It isn't quite as boring as Eastern Iowa, but it is really close. I did find a very nice town called Linn Grove. It was very green. It is along the Little Sioux River, which appears to have carved out a very nice little area for itself in the middle of lots of boring, none nice stuff. I still have three hours to go before I can pick Sam up at the University. I serioulsy have no idea what to do. I think I will stick around the library though. It is nice and I can catch up on my periodical reading.

Later this evening, we are going to head for Sioux City and a tract of virgin prairie. Tomorrow, we are going to head towards Omaha, NE driving through the Loess Hills. Sunday is zoo time and then it is back to Iowa City. Sure hope the cats are doing alright. Which also reminds me that there will be no cat blogging until Sunday.

UPDATE: I just picked up Sam that BVU and she found out how to use the internet terminals there. So I could have probally done all this blogging there (I'm doing the udpate from there). Anyway, I just wanted to say that while I was using the internet at the public library, a teenager next to me was checking out pictures of female body builders. He also kept asking me about Anime. It was really creepy. I also had lunch at Burger King and tried the new Angus burger. Crap! Total Crap! I did luck out and get two onion rings in my french fries, but the crappiness of the burger and the ten minute wait to get it negated the momentary joy of free fried onions.

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