Extreme Dentistry?

5 Jul

First there was the chiropractor in West Yellowstone who gave a grizzly a back adjustment. Now comes word from my hometown paper that a dentist preformed oral surgery on a grizzly/a>:

Dentist Carol Scranton performs a lot of root-canal procedures — but the one she faced last Monday morning was a real bear.

Her dental patient was Maye, a 350-pound grizzly bear that lives and works at Wild Eyes Animal Photo and Adventure north of Columbia Falls.

With two broken lower canine teeth, the 4-year-old bear needed some serious oral surgery.

Trainer Rod Nelson said Maye had a bad habit of playing with her metal buckets and destroying them by the dozens.

"I bought her a stainless steel bucket, thinking she couldn't destroy that one," he said.

Nelson said he discovered Maye's broken teeth during a recent photo shoot. He said he had the bear open her mouth wide for a snarling bear pose which revealed the painful dental injury.

He said the bear became cantankerous recently so he suspected a problem. Although Maye was raised in captivity, Nelson said he wouldn't describe her as tame.

"Remember, she is a grizzly," he said.

Crazy stuff.

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