Robot dogs won’t help the revolution

6 Jul

So it turns out that if you are depresesed petting a real dog is good, while petting a robot dog is bad:

Results of an ongoing study, just published by the University of Missouri-Columbia indicate what we all know instinctively, that interacting with, and petting animals is good for you. Results indicated that levels of serotonin, a hormone that helps fight depression, rise dramatically after interaction with live animals. But interaction with robots causes these levels to fall …

The study asks dog owners and non-pet owners to play with a live animal or a robot dog for a few minutes at a time. Blood is taken from the human and the dog before and after the interaction and then compared for hormone levels. People taking part in the study ranged in age from 19 to 73.

Preliminary results have indicated a significant increase in the levels of serotonin following interaction with the live dog. The study also found that interacting with the robot dog actually decreases levels of serotonin in humans.

So if the robots are going to take over the world they will need to take in to consideration the depressing effect of their canines.

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