Gaelic as 21st language of the EU?

15 Jul

While Gaelic has "treaty" status in the EU, it is not an official language of the EU. This means that treaties must be translated into the dying language of the Irish, but official acts do not. However, the Irish want to change that and make Gaelic an official language of the EU:

A press statement said the government would "initiate a process of discussions with the other EU member states and the EU commission with a view to seeking official and working language status for the Irish language in the EU …".

I do have to say that this is a really dumb idea that will go nowhere. All 25 member states would have to approve and since they have enough trouble with 20 languages, they aren't likely to support 21. I honestly can't figure out why the Irish are suggesting it in the first place, but I'm sure it has more to do with domestic politics than anything European.

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