Gabers Report

20 Jul

I should have said something about this yesterday, but I got busy. Gabe is alright, we think. We brought him home from the vet Sunday evening. He wasn't eating anything then, but the doctor thought that he would probably start once he got home. He'd also gotten a blood clot in his right front paw, which made his paw swell up like in a cartoon. It was massive, but the swelling went down fairly quickly. He did eat a little yesterday morning and then didn't anything until late last night again. He woke me up to be fed last night at around 3:30 and Sam fed him again this morning before leaving for work. So it looks like he got his appetite back. He is on four medications right now and the worst part of his condition appears to just getting him to take the meds. He has two pills and two liquids to take. One pill has to be taken a half-hour before the others and before he eats. One of the liquids causes him to foam at the mouth like he has rabies and we have to follow after him cleaning up his drool. Sam is much better at giving him his medicine than I am. Now the only thing left to do is wait until the biopsies of his ulcers come back. Hopefully, he doesn't have anything wrong besides the ulcers themselves. The more I talk with the vets the more convinced I am that he just had a really, really bad case of kitty heartburn exacerbated by the ulcers (expensive ulcers). We also think the emergency vet is really cool.

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