A day late, but not cats short

31 Jul

Gabe's week was taken up by the continuing sage of his intestinal problems. We had to play phone tag with our vet again to get Gabe a refill on his medication. Her staff could not communicate to us the fact that the vet was still on vacation because she was coming in late in the afternoon. The emergency vet who was taking care of Gabe all along was not available either. Eventually, we got the vet to call a prescription into a compounding pharmacy who put the medication into a solution that we could inject into Gabe's mouth (which is what we had been doing all along). It was annoyed at the vet because she clearly didn't read Gabe's chart which specifically discussed why he was getting the liquid, which was that he won't take the pill. The dosage changed when we got the new prescription too, which is somewhat odd. We still haven't had Gabe in to his regular vet to discuss the long term care situation. We have no idea how long we will need to (or should) keep him on the antibiotic.

Lolli's most memorable adventures this week have come from her hitting her head (or nearly hitting her head) on walls and people. Yesterday, she ran into Sam at such speed that she left a bruise on Sam's leg. Several times during the last week I've had to throw her out of the bedroom for 2:00 am licking violations. I've nearly tossed her into the wall most of those times. She made contact once last month. She's managed to land before she hit the wall all of the times I've chucked her this week, but I'm not sure how she avoided it to be truthful. I would say that I should probably stop tossing her in the dark when I'm half awake, but cat tossing is fun. Please don't turn me into the ASPCA. She also had a picture perfect moment by resting on my shoulder and the armrest of the couch while I was laying on said couch. Unfortunately, I was home alone and couldn't get a camera. 😦

Gabe spent the afternoon today cuddling with Sam and I. He was having a lot of fun. I think he knew Sam was leaving for a the weekend. Otherwise, he just thinks I'm sexy. Rowr! Maybe he thinks Sam is sexy? Sam says that if I had kids with Gabe, Gabe's genes would be dominate. Thanks dear.

This week's photo: Lolli's cave

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