Open season on Davenport banks

5 Aug

Yesterday, John Kerry and the guy we call president were both in Davenport, Iowa at about the same time. While this in itself is memorable to the people of Iowa, it was not the candidates that made it memorable for the rest of the country. Instead, it would be the three Davenport banks robbed during the rallies. This is what the police had to say:

"I'm sure they were counting on the fact that we were short-handed, but we weren't," Davenport police Capt. David Struckman said.

If you weren't short-handed, how did robbers manage to pull off three robberies? Police believe that the robberies were not related, meaning that several people had the same idea. It would have been interesting if the robbers had shown up at the same banks. Or maybe they were related and the police really were distracted. I'll keep you posted.

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