Europe flip-flops

29 Sep

At the beginning of September, Frits Bolestein, one of the EU's most outspoken commissioners said something many took as an attack on Turkey's push for EU membership. Noting that demographers believe Europe will become predominately Muslim by the end of the century, he evoked the Ottoman Turks' siege of Vienna in 1683 and said that if that is true then victory in Vienna “will have been in vain.”

Since then, the attacks on Turkey's potential membership in the EU have gotten more direct. Last Friday, a commentator for the EU Observer proclaimed Oct. 6, "the day the Commission torpedoes the Constitution." That happens to be the day the Commission will issue a report on whether the EU should proceed with Turkey's application. He observes:

A Commission "yes" to Turkey – even if accompanied by a relatively meaningless "but" – would lead to a quasi-identical "yes, but" by the European Council in December. However, this would in turn translate into a "no" vote by the people in the upcoming referenda on the European Constitution.

Apparently, everyone in Europe is against the Turks accept the political elite. But even they might be too:

France should hold a referendum on whether to allow Turkey into the EU, according to French finance minister Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr Sarkozy, widely seen as a challenger to Jacques Chirac for the next French President – told French radio last night, "A decision as important as the membership of Turkey in Europe could only be taken after there had been a referendum in France".

See, elites don't want to sideline the EU but they don't want those Turks. If you don't separate the two, the EU is doomed. Except, nobody told this guy:

Whichever way we vote, we shall end up with the European constitution – or, at any rate, something very like it. With 11 countries now committed to a referendum, it is beginning to dawn on even the most bovine Euro-optimists that someone somewhere will vote "no". But they won't let a little thing like that put them off. As far as they are concerned, the fact that the 25 heads of government have agreed the text is all the permission they need.

So what is it Europe? Does Turkey doom the noble EU or is the EU an out of control monster bent on world domination? You can't have it both ways. Flip-Floppers.

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