Democratic sex a victim of its own success

19 Oct

My students have their midterm this week and one of the articles they should have read, but probably didn't, discusses how democracy is a victim of its own success. By creating unrivaled prosperity in a short period of time, people have developed unrealistic expectations of what government should be and what it should do. Thus, we are unsatisfied with it.

Now, about the sex. ABC has released a new poll that they claim demonstrates that Republicans are more satisfied with their sex lives than Democrats. There are two problems with their analysis. First, and to be fair they do mention this, there is a gender gap between Democrats and Republicans. Women are generally less satisfied with their sex lives than men. Sorry ladies, men are jerks and don't treat you in a way that lets you be satisfied. But this isn't the only problem with this poll.

The second problem with the poll is that it is subjective. Now I honestly don't know how you would create an objective measure of sexual satisfaction, but for the poll to really be valid this is what you would have to do. Why? Simple. Republicans might have less sexual partners and thus have lower expectations about the wonders of sex. Therefore, they are more satisfied then they might be if they'd been around the block a bit more. In other words, the sexual revolution might be a victim of its own success. Democrats just have higher expectations of what sex should be and sex just is not that great.

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