Robots don’t ride Camels, or do they?

20 Oct

Dear Readers,

I have sadly taken my eye off the ball for sometime, the ball being the vast right-wing robot conspiracy. While I have little doubt that the robots will be staging some sort of "october surprise" to disrupt the election, I have actually learned of robots working to stop child labor. Apparently, Qater is going to start substituting robots for children jockeys in camel races. While the the government of Qater denies that small children from the Indian subcontinent are being forced to race camels in the middle Eastern country, they are giving in to demands from international organizations to stop the use of children (even if not coerced). It appears their solution is robots. My instincts tell me that the robots simply want to save the children for some other nefarious task, like as an alternative fuel source, but it is good to see them working for such a good cause regardless.

Deep Robot

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