A rapid decline

21 Oct

I often get asked how good a school Iowa is. That is a hard question to answer, but here is some proof of something that has become clear to me over the last few years. Iowa once was really good, and it still is one of the best political science departments in the world. However, it is rapidly declining. This graph shows an index of research output for Iowa and Stanford over the last decade as compiled by Simon Hix. The index is weighted to take into consideration faculty size and the prestige of the journals publishing the work. A lower score is better.

In the first time period, Iowa was ranked 8th in the world. Stanford was number one. By the end of time covered in the survey, Iowa had dropped to 56th in the World. Stanford had declined to number two, behind Columbia. Sadly, I don't see much turn around in the department in the near future. We have too many faculty leaving before they begin to produce work on a scale necessary to reverse the course of our decline. I just hope people still value what Iowa was so I can get a job.

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