News Flash: People use two keywords to search Internet. Film at 11.

29 Oct

Apparently, I spend more time buying stuff on the interent than I do downloading porn. While I didn't need a survey (or an analysis of a survey) to know this (I could just check my cache), I did apparently need them to tell me this:

"We were surprised that people weren't doing more complex searches," Spink said. "If you put a couple of words into the web, you're going to get hundreds of thousands of results. I think people aren't trained very well to use the search engines."

You were surprised? I think any reference librarian could have told you that. Really, have any of you recieved training on how to use a search engine? What sort of strange, alternative reality filled with information literate individuals do these so called "experts" live in. They need to spend some more time with my students and then they will understand why most people don't do more comlex searches.

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