More bad advice

14 Nov

A lot of people are talking about the success of Democrats in my home state of Montana and claiming it shows how the Democrats can win in the "red states." On paper it looks pretty good:

For nearly two decades, a Democrat with true power in the statehouse of Montana has been about as rare as a palm tree on the high plains. But this week, while Democrats elsewhere are moping through the last days of a prolonged wake, the Big Sky party stalwarts cannot stop pinching themselves.

On election night, as President Bush was winning all but a half-dozen of Montana's 56 counties, the Democrats took every statewide office but one. They gained control of the governor's office and the State Senate and came within a single legislative victory of sharing control of the State House. They did it with the kind of candidates who may offer some hint as to how the party can find its way in the vast inland sea of Republican red.

But how they did it, with anti-gay, pro-gun candidates, is not the path to the promised land. Democrats like the ones elected in Montana would struggle to be elected in a "blue" state. Montana might offer a solution for Democrats looking to win in places like North Dakota and Kansas, but it offers nothing for Democrats running at the national level. All this logic does is turn the Democrats into the GOP-lite, and that isn't going to work. Agggh!

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