Whazzup Europe

19 Nov

Dateline Belgium: Europe's culture war continues to heat up as a female Belgian senator of Moroccan origin gets death threats for being outspoken on Islamic fundamentalism and the treatment of women.

Dateline UK: The Brits finally ban fox hunting as the House of Commons turns back a late-minute attempt at delay by Tony Blair and uses a rare procedure to bypass the House of Lords. Why would TB try to delay the popular ban? Two words. Dead Puppies:

Labour Party sources say they fear photographs of piles of dead hunting hounds could blight their drive for re-election.

Dateline Ireland: Finally declaring the potato famine over, the Economist has declared Ireland is the best place to live in the world:

People in Ireland were found to be the happiest due to the country's combination of increasing wealth and traditional values.

"Ireland wins because it successfully combines the most desirable elements of the new, such as low unemployment and political liberties, with the preservation of certain cosy elements of the old, such as stable family and community life," writes the Economist.

Ireland was followed by Switzerland, Norway, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Dateline Luxembourg: In a problem that all Bureaucratic super-states wish they had, the European Court of Auditors has for the tenth year in a row refused to fully sign off on the EU's accounting. Rather then faulting them for overspending or spending on questionable items, the EU was faulted this time for something rather unique:

The Court of Auditors has also criticised the Commission for its inability to budget properly. In the last three years, the Commission has underspent between 7% and 15% of its budget.

So they didn't spend all the money they said they would. That is something that no good bureaucracy should ever do.

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