Last minute Science Monday warning for Sam

7 Dec

Children born in May have an increased risk of going on to develop multiple sclerosis, research has suggested.

The analysis of MS rates among over 42,000 people born in the northern hemisphere showed a significantly lower risk for those born in November.

The effect was most evident in Scotland, where the prevalence of MS was the highest.

The study, published online by the British Medical Journal, was carried out by Oxford University researchers.

The team suggest that complex interactions between genes and the environment before or shortly after birth may help to explain the links they found.

They analysed data on the birth month, medical and family histories of 17,874 Canadian patients and 11,502 British patients with MS.

They were compared with a matched group of people from the general population and unaffected brothers and sisters of those with MS.

Link: BBC NEWS | Health | MS risk 'linked to birth month'.

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