The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (2007-2020)

15 Dec

Because I can never find this when I want to to know what it is, I thought I would provide the information. Note, the Dutch have the last presidency of 2004, then Luxembourg, and the UK. Then it's Austria and Finland in 2006. Bulgaria and Romania, who will join the EU shortly, are already been given presidencies near the end of the cycle.

Germany January-June 2007

Portugal July-December 2007

Slovenia January-June 2008


France July-December 2008

Czech Republic January-June 2009

Sweden July-December 2009


Spain January-June 2010

Belgium July-December 2010

Hungary January-June 2011


Poland July-December 2011

Denmark January-June 2012

Cyprus July-December 2012


Ireland January-June 2013

Lithuania July-December 2013

Greece January-June 2014


Italy July-December 2014

Latvia January-June 2015

Luxembourg July-December 2015


Netherlands January-June 2016

Slovakia July-December 2016

Malta January-June 2017


United Kingdom July-December 2017

Estonia January-June 2018

Bulgaria July-December 2018


Austria January-June 2019

Romania July-December 2019

Finland January-June 2020


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