Guest Catblogging

21 Jan

Although I can't fathom how anyone would be tired of looking at Gabe and Lolli, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my Grandmother's cats I took with my new camera.

My Grandmother's oldest cat, Smokey, didn't have a name for many years.  I just called him Blackie or the Black Kitty.  Grandma decided a few years ago to start calling him Smokey after an old dog she'd had who was equally precicious.  While his ago has taken a toll on his looks (he's very thin and his fur has seen better days), his attitude is anything but old.  If I am still that precious when I'm nearly a 100 in cats years, who cares how I look.

My Gradmother's second cat is named Cocoa.  She is very shy and normally hides from anyone. Sam didn't even know my Grandmother had a second cat the first few times she visited because Cocoa never made herself known. Apparently, she enjoys cheese and onion pizza because she was unusually visable during my last visit.  Perhaps she was really into the football game?

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