Mozart and Crack

31 Jan

Sometimes I have no idea what the Times of New York is smoking.  For example, Sam sent me this piece that makes no sense:

THERE is everyone else in music, including the New York Dolls, and then there is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose long-awaited 249th birthday was celebrated last week. Mozart's music will endure as long as there is brunch; and yet, a smog of reverence hangs over him today, obscuring the man himself from view. Were his quirks really foibles – or vice versa? Such questions used to be thought impertinent, but thanks to exciting developments in infotainment scholarship, Mozart's biography is being punched up as never before.

Mozart's devotion to his career on the Vienna police force was legendary. Once, conducting the debut of his opera "Le Nozze di Figaro," Mozart noticed that the stage manager's snuff box was open. "What the -" exclaimed Mozart. "That's pure rock cocaine!" Within seconds, he was off the podium and tearing through the streets of Vienna in his Camaro. When he made the collar on a backstreet, Mozart began pistol-whipping the dealer, even as his partner, Larry da Ponte, urged him to go back to the opera house. Mozart replied, "All the operas in the world won't keep scum like this off the streets."

Link: The Composer Was a Cop.

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