I don’t know who you are anymore

20 Feb

I've noticed something strange amongst my friends in the last two weeks. None of them seem to be aware of Bit Torrent. This seems surprising to me because the program results in 35% of all internet traffic and my friends are mostly geeks (or closet geeks if they can't admit it to themselves). While I could understand that my friends with smaller geek quotients might not be aware of the specific program, it doesn't excuse the fact that none of them were aware of one of the best uses of the software — downloading TV shows. I understand that most of my friends were getting out of college just as the Napster file-downloading craze was hitting its stride so it is unlikely that they were ever big on peer-to-peer file-sharing, but is bit torrent that generational? I just can't understand how my geek friends could not be aware of something that I take as common knowledge. What happened to you man?

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