I know John Kerry, and the AARP is no John Kerry

22 Feb

You may have noticed that the AARP is starting to rev up their PR machinery to put the final nail in the coffin of W's idea of Social Security "reform." The AARP is the largest interest group in the country and they usually get what they want. Their unfortunate decision to support Bush's medicare prescription drug plan pulled the rug out from under any Democrats who tried to make a program that might actually work (like allowing Medicare to buy drugs in bulk to reduce cost!). Well, because it worked so well on John Kerry, the right-wing is actually planning to give the AARP the "Swift Boat Vets Treatment". It's freaking scary what some people will do to get their way. Thankfully, I don't think that a smear campaign against the AARP will work as well as it did against Kerry. The elderly actually like the AARP and they have known the AARP for a long time. It is a lot harder to change someone's existing attitudes then it is to create a negative first impression of someone.

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