24 Feb

I'm checking out a new blog called Mousewords. While my verdict is still out, I thought'd share a story she posted this morning. After talking about all the dumb things people do in Texas she shares this tidbit:

Just to make his life a little harder, my friend laughed and turned to her husband and asked him to tell us about the crosswalks in the suburban Washington neighborhood his parents now live in. Apparently, each crosswalk has a stack of orange flags on each corner. The legal protocol for crossing the street is to hit the Walk button, wait for the signal to turn, grab two flags and wave them in front of you as you cross the street, for maximum visibility. How dramatically you wave them is completely up to you, as is the choice to throw in a little soft shoe as you make your way across the street.

That is one of the dumbest things that I have ever heard of.

Link: Mouse Words: Crosswalks

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