A Cookie Story

13 Jun

DummycookiesLast weekend, after Sam and I got back from our trip to Kalispell, Samantha made her regular Sunday call to her parents.  At some point in the conversation, like most weekends, my honor was impuned and I had to defend it.  I cannot remember the specific insult, but it had something to do with my ability to bake cookies.  Thus to regain my honor, I took it upon myself to bake some cookies.  The Cookie Monster, who now wrongly says that cookies are a "sometimes food," would probally agree that prepackaged cookie mixes make baking cookies an easy task.  Samantha had picked up a novel brand of prepacked cookie mix on closeout at Safeway a few months ago, "Homemade Cookies for Dummies."  I went to work an in the matter of a ten minutes had baked some cookies and restored my manhood.  The trouble is, I'm not sure who the dummy is?  The person who bakes the cookies or the person for whom the cookies were baked.  Either way, for a buck, these cookies were nobodies fool.

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