Last weekend, Samantha and I

13 Jun

Cometcupsfrontthumb_1Last weekend, Samantha and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary by staying at my Grandmother's place on Flathead Lake.  While we were there we discovered an unopened box of Nabisco Comet Cups from 1976.  To put this in perspective, this box of cream cones is older than either Samantha or I.  The fact that the box is unopened, still in its mid-seventies era shrink wrap, just seems strange.  CometcupsbackthumbI spent a lot of time at the lake as a kid and I cannot imagine that no one ever thought to give me an ice cream cone.  So why keep these in reserve?  To add to the mystery, the lake place was built by my Great-grandparents in 1973.  They didn't pass on until the mid 1980s, so these comet cups were seemingly purchased by them a few years after the house was built and then everyone has just ignored them every year since.  It definately tells you something about my family that over the last 29 years not one person has thought, "Gee, these things are a little old maybe I should throw them out."  Sam and I didn't do it either, but then it seemed a little shameful to do it after all this time.

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