Norwegian to Test Fish As Crime reducer

22 Oct

A Norwegian scientist has an interesting idea for reducing crime — fish:

Norwegian researcher is starting a study to find out whether feeding prisoners a diet heavy on fish is a good way to fight crime, the ANB news agency reported Friday.

Researcher Anita Lill Hansen wants to see whether there is a connection between the amount of oily fish that people consume, and problems such as controlling impulsive actions, violent outbursts and lack of concentration.

Those are traits commonplace among prisoners in Norwegian jails, the University of Bergen researcher said.

The project is being planned in cooperation with the national center for seafood research, and the Norwegian prison authorities in western Norway.

"A lot of crimes are committed on impulse," Leif Waage, a prison service spokesman told ANB. If fatty oil found in fish "has a positive effect on people's impulse control, we hope it could result in a reduction in crime."

Waage said depending on the outcome of the study, Norwegian prisoners could face a lot more fatty fish on their dinner plates.

Link: Norwegian to Test Fish As Crime Fighter

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