3 hour movies don’t set daily box office recrods

15 Dec

My intuition has been telling me that King Kong is going to be a big bomb. Of course, expectations are so high that it might become a bomb even it it makes $200 million dollars. However, last night's opening seemed pretty poor at just $9.7 million. The Drudge Report is pointing out that this is less then the opening night of the first Pokemon movie. While I'd like to take as a sign the movie is going to bomb, I cannot do so in good conscious. Most people forget that Titanic, the most successful movie of all time despite my hatred of and predictions of doom for it, only made $28.6 million dollars its opening weekend. That's only the 171st biggest of all time. The key to Titanic's success was that its business just never dropped off. In fact, its second weekend box office grew by 28% over its opening weekend. Thats an extremely rare event for any movie. Seven weeks out, it was still making $25 million for the weekend. The secret? Titanic was 3 and half hours long, which most other movies can be played twice as often. More showings means more money, so don't count King Kong out yet. We'll have to wait until its second weekend to see what is in store.

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