Now That’s Drunk!

14 Mar

Gotta love Senator Conrad Burns:

Yet another outrageous comment from Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), HOH is excited to report. After a news conference in the Capitol ended Thursday and lawmakers and aides were shuffling out the door, a young woman asked Burns, “How ya doing today, Senator?”

Without batting an eye the Senator replied, “I’m ready to go get knee-walking drunk!”

Whoa! Knee-walking drunk sounds pretty drunk. We know Burns is facing a tough re-election and has come under intense scrutiny for his ties to fallen lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But did he really, in fact, go get as drunk as he said he wanted to?

“No he didn’t,” his spokesman, Matt Mackowiak, said, though he did confirm that Burns had said he wanted to.

The story gets even better though. After the press conference, Burns meet with the ambassador to Kazakstan. Burns apparently became friendly with the Kazahs a fewy years ago during a trip there with our Congressman, Denny Rehberg. During that trip well:

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.), well, knee-walking drunk, fell off a horse, got trampled on by another, broke a rib, injured a few others, allegedly called the locals Coneheads and Lord knows what else.

Link: Now That’s Drunk!.

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