‘Spokesman-Review’ Begins Webcasts of Editorial Meetings

20 Jun

Spokane, Wahington's local paper, the Spokesman-Review, is now webcasting their twice daily meetings editoral board meetings.   The paper's editor, Steven A. Smith, is trying out this rather shocking experiment in media transparency to build a relationshop with the community:

The whole idea, Smith says, is to engage the readers in the editorial decision-making process, while not necessarily ceding the authority of the editorial board.

"I think too many other groups think of the word 'involved' as suggesting that we feed some of our authority and responsibility to the readers," says Smith. "I don't think that's what we're talking about. We're still in charge, but now we're inviting the readers to become engaged, offer suggestions, and criticism." Smith said he hopes the webcasts will "produce a quality civil dialogue [about the] kind of journalism we do."

This blows my mind, seriously.  It's awesome and I hope more newspapers do the same thing including the big papers.

Link: 'Spokesman-Review' Begins Webcasts of Editorial Meetings (HT: The Thicket).

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