Baby: Annotated

15 Feb

As we get closer to the arrival of Samrick, I plan on using my Vox page a little more to post my thoughts and reactions about fatherhood.  Of course, you'll just want to read it for all the adorable baby (and cat) pictures I'll be posting.  Here's a lovely picture of my daughter in the womb that I annotated so everyone knows that they are seeing. 

In preparation for fatherhood, I have been reading several books.  I've found the following three to be the most useful and/or interesting.  The Baby Whisperer, although a little sexist in that it usually focuses on the Mom, is nice because it encourages you to treat your child like a human being.  Rookie Dad is cool because it is written for men, so it actually has practical advice in it rather than the usual make Mom feel bad about herself stuff in most baby books.  Samantha likes it too because she is very practical (how masculine of her!).  Making Babies is not about parenthood at all, but rather the science of pregnancy.  There are so many interesting details in there that you don't get in other books.  Like the fact that during pregnancy a woman's brain shrinks!  I enjoyed it a lot.

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