The times they are a changing table.

26 Feb

With Samrick's debut quickly approaching, my nesting instincts are starting to kick in.  I want everything ready to go.  Sam is also experiencing this desire to have everything ready, so we spent most of the day trying to finish up a few more pre-birth tasks.  We ordered a car seat, put a camcorder on our baby registry, wrote thank you cards for the gifts we got at our baby shower last weekend, and put together the changing table we had to lug over from Spokane (Thanks, Mom :-).

Ordering the car seat and choosing the camcorder required shopping around in person to try out everything before we made a decision on it.  The Baby Trend car seat we wanted was only available in store at Shopko, but they were out of stock.  At least we got to try it out the floor model and we liked it, so we just ordered it from  That actually worked out well because we got to use a gift card that my sister gave us for Christmas that we didn't know what to do with since we had to use it at Plus, we got 10% off because we are educators (or more accurately belong to the teachers union!). 

Sam and I put the changing table together in about forty minutes.  The worst part was it required a lot of serious hammering and we had to have driven our downstairs neighbors insane.  Every time we thought we were done with the hammering, we had to do a little more.   Seriously, we should send them a fruit basket or something to make up for it.  At least now, Samrick will have a place to have her bottom cleaned.  Plus the cats have a new place to sleep until April.

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